Yoga classes are offered in small groups (8 children maximum). 

They are divided by age: 5-7 years

                                    8-11 years


Each class is 45 minutes and is divided as follows:

-30 minutes asana (physical poses)

- 10 minutes relaxation

- 5 minute take home craft at the end.


The physical poses are specifically selected to address a goal or intention. Breathing exercizes are often included here. Props are used as motivation or to address a therapeutic goal. A story is used in each class to keep children engaged as well as promote auditory and reading ability. These stories often have themes that encourage social development through group discussion.

The children are offered a variety of tools to help them with the relaxation exercize,

(like weighted blankets). Guided imagery is used and sometimes music or lighting.


The craft at the end is always the favourite part of the class and promotes social development, creativity and self esteem.